Atelier Rebul

Atelier Rebul Mandarine Liquid Soap Refill 500ml

40,00€ / l

Tax included.

Your favorite soaps are now more environmentally friendly with refill packaging!

With our new refills, we extend the life of our existing bottles and reduce plastic consumption by 78% compared to our standard 250ML bottles.

Discover the harmony of our Mandarin hand soap. Thanks to its special paraben-free formula, it nourishes and strengthens the skin, leaving your skin looking younger, fresher and more radiant.


  • Fruity, Aromatic, Musk


First, rinse the packaging of your hand soap well.
Then, remove the cap from your refill bottle and pour the liquid soap into the desired container.
Replace the cap on the refill, shake the hand soap and use as usual.


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