Cote Noire

Côte Noire - Scented Candle Silver - prosecco

88,89€ / kg

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Inspired by village life in the province, we have created a range of full-bodied fragrances that combine popular patisserie scents with juicy fruits and flowers.

The fragrances in the Cote Noire range are inspired by the idyllic Charente countryside, with each fragrance attempting to capture a portrait of traditional French life.

The fragrances include popular patisseries, fragrant teas, juicy fruits and enticing flowers.

It smells wonderful when unlit, exuding its fragrance throughout the burn time.


Prosecco / Mousseux Blanc.

A fresh, fruity fragrance with top notes of Persian fig, middle notes of black currant and base notes of musk blossom. This is the perfect fragrance for a celebration.


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