Cote Noire

Côte Noire - Gift Set - Queen of the night

427,03€ / kg

Tax included.

Everything comes in a beautiful gift box and makes the perfect gift.


  • Rose blossom in glass
  • 2 perfume sprays
  • scented candle (75g)
  • Diffuser (90ml) with fragrance sticks


Queen of the night

An exotic fragrance with a top note of bergamot, a heart note of tuberose and orange blossom and a base note of cedar wood.

Ecoluxe-wax is completely natural, biodegradable & renewable.

It is made from a blend of New Zealand beeswax, Thai coconut wax & American soy wax.

By blending these waxes together, your candle will burn cleanly & evenly, optimizing the fragrance release even when unlit.

We certify that all Cote Noire candles have been handcrafted using 100% natural Ecoluxe-wax.


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