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Mamma Mia !! Hamam & Spa

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Mamma Mia !!


Hamam-Entry including Rasul, oil massage 45min., herbal-stamp treatment for face

The long-awaited wellness program for our soon mothers is finally here.

The oil massage takes place on an exclusive pregnancy massage table.

We massage not only your body but also your soul.

Enjoy our Ottoman spa with Hamam including steam, fragrance corner, small saunas, tea area, and beautiful relaxation room.

The Hamam provides purity and invigoration of the body as well as relaxation for the mind and soul. After your visit you will feel like you are re-born; fit, healthy, youthful, and beautiful.

Our Rasul is a separate steam bath with its own shower. You will receive a healing clay for the body and face to apply yourself.

During our Oil Massage, every single muscle is pampered, and you will feel only a wonderful lightness, freed from worries and stress, through the intense but gentle full body massage with our essential oils.

Our Herbal-Stamp Treatment, with the combination of heat, steam, stamp touches and massage provide an exceptional relaxation experience that far surpasses conventional massages. Unlike conventional stamp treatments, ours permanently maintains the temperature and pleasant skin contact. While the heat of the herbal stamps promotes blood circulation and loosens the tissues, steam opens the pores and accelerates the absorption of the skin-caring oils and natural herbal active ingredients.

Close your eyes and experience your dreams, let the world fall away and escape from everyday life.

Duration: approx. 3.5 hrs.
Oil massage: 45 min.
Herbal-stamp treatment: 15 min.

As a precaution, we recommend that you consult your attending doctor before your visit.
The voucher is valid for 3 years and can be redeemed even after childbirth.





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eine frau erhaelt eine oelmassage auf einer beigefarbenen liege. entspannter gesichtsausdruck
Mamma Mia !! Hamam & Spa Sale price177,90€ Regular price209,00€