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Art Deco - Scented Candle - jasmine flower tea

Sale price49,00€ (245,00€/kg)

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This beautiful limited edition candle uses natural ecoluxe wax with two cotton wicks combined with full-bodied fragrances, reminiscent of an era of sophistication and style.

This scented candle comes in a decorative, reusable jar with an elegant Côte Noire gift box. Included is a 5 ml perfume spray to scent the tassel.


  • 200g Art Deco candle
  • Decorative tassel
  • 5ml perfume spray for the tassel
  • Gift box with bow



Jasmine Flower Tea

A unique fusion of jasmine, musk rose, hibiscus and crushed green leaves. This aromatic fragrance, inspired by the sunlight in a white flowering garden, will fill your space and capture your senses.

Ecoluxe-wax is completely natural, biodegradable & renewable.

It is made from a blend of New Zealand beeswax, Thai coconut wax & American soy wax.

By blending these waxes together, your candle will burn cleanly & evenly, optimizing the fragrance release even when unlit.

We certify that all Cote Noire candles have been handcrafted using 100% natural Ecoluxe-wax.

cote noire art duftkerze in dekorativem glas mit quaste, daneben verpackung mit geschenkschleife, weiss und gold.
Art Deco - Scented Candle - jasmine flower tea Sale price49,00€