Durance Eau Fraîche for body & hair cotton musk

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Perfume and refresh your skin and hair with Eau Fraiche Orange Blossom. Enjoy a fresh and airy mist with a formula enriched with moisturizing glycerin. Ideal for a light touch of your favorite perfume for pure well-being.

The scent cotton musk evokes memories of beautiful moments and invites you to dream.

  • Soft, Powdery, Dreamy

Content: 100ml, +/- 588 pumps

95% ingredients of natural origin:

Enriched with alcohol and vegetable glycerin.

alcohol denat, perfume (fragrance), aqua (water), glycerin, linalool, hydroxycitronelloal, citronellol, geraniol, isoeugenol


Eau Fraîche can be sprayed on the skin and hair at any time of the day. To intensify the fragrance, you can use the Eau Fraiche in combination with the matching shower gels and eau de parfums. Then apply the Eau Fraîche: Wrists, elbows, neck and - if desired, for even more intensity - on the clothes. This way you will enjoy a long-lasting fragrance experience.


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