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La Diva Hamam & Spa

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Hamam-Entry including rub massage, soap massage, oil massage

Enjoy our Ottoman spa with Hamam including steam, fragrance corner, small saunas, tea area, and beautiful relaxation room.

The Hamam provides purity and invigoration of the body as well as relaxation for the mind and soul. After your visit you will feel like you are re-born; fit, healthy, youthful, and beautiful.

Rub Massage is an Ottoman tradition for cleansing and strengthening the defenses of your skin.

The skin cells renew themselves about every 22 days. The dead skin cells, dirt, and sweat clog your pores.
Your body is exfoliated with a kese (special glove), i.e. the dead skin cells are removed to enable your skin to breathe freely, providing a fresh and rosy glow. The Rub Massage promotes blood circulation, and your immune system is stimulated.

An unused rubbing glove is used, which you can also take with you afterwards.

Another precious heritage of the Ottomans that we reverently pass on is the intensive full body Soap Massage.

When was the last time you enjoyed being pampered, massaged and washed?

Under a fragrant cloud of foam, you will be washed and massaged from head to toe. Enjoy the wonderful feeling of being pampered and smelling fresh and clean.

During our Oil Massage, every single muscle is pampered, and you will feel only a wonderful lightness, freed from worries and stress, through the intense but gentle full body massage with our essential oils.

Close your eyes and experience your dreams, let the world fall away and escape from everyday life.

Duration: approx. 3.5 hrs.
Rub massage: 20 min.
Soap massage: 30 min.
Oil massage: 30 min.


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Rasul 27,00€

Head- and foot massage 48,00€

+15 min. oil massage 35,00€

+30 min. oil massage 60,00€

Herbal-stamp treatment for face 43,00€

Cupping massage 33,00€

Sultan oil 45,00€

Sparkling wine 0,2L 8,00€

Sparkling wine Schlumberger Austria 0,2L 16,00€

Sparkling wine 0,75L 20,00€

Sparkling wine Schlumberger Austria 0,75L 53,00€

Fruit delicacies 30,00€
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La Diva Hamam & Spa
La Diva Hamam & Spa Sale price219,00€